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Here at Blossoming Kids, we provide play therapy and counselling services to children and young people in fun and engaging ways.
We pride ourselves on creating a space where children and young people feel comfortable, connected, and safe to explore and process experiences, build confidence, and learn about themselves and their emotions.

We utilise play therapy and psychological therapies to support children in reaching their potential and working through their worries, thoughts, and feelings. Our approaches are always centred around a child's primary language, play!

Alongside using Mental Health Care Plans, we do a lot of NDIS work and accept both self-managed and plan-managed participants. This includes children under 7 with funding under the NDIS Early Childhood Approach, and children over 7 who have a diagnosis. Depending on the child's age and developmental level, NDIS work might focus on areas such as social skill development, pretend play skill development, emotional regulation, independence, problem-solving and confidence, among others.
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Inside every child there is a story that needs to be told


Supporting children through play

We want to create a positive view of accessing mental health support at all ages, and we believe strongly in the life-long benefits of holistic early intervention for children. We believe in the inherent ability of children to problem-solve and figure out their own answers if provided with a safe and supportive environment to do so.

Celebrating Diversity

We celebrate diversity, are proudly neuro-affirming and welcome people from all cultures, backgrounds, genders, abilities and sexualities. We fully accept everyone who walks through our doors.