Our approach

Blossoming Kids provides evidence-based, age-appropriate therapeutic counselling services to children and young people in fun and engaging ways. We specialise in Play Therapy to support children to reach their potential and work through their worries, thoughts and feelings.

We also offer talk-based counselling for older children and teens such as CBT, psycho-education and other therapies with the goal of enhancing mental health.

As part of our work with children and young people, we acknowledge that parents/carers play a vital role in therapy, and actively include parents/carers in the intervention at all stages.

Play Therapy is best suited to children aged 2-10. Referrals for young people 10 and up may involve more talking and less play, but don't worry, it's still heaps of fun! We include games and activities in all stages of therapy with children in order to create a comfortable, safe environment for children to openly express themselves.