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Psychological therapies

Psychological therapies offered include Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Psycho-Education and Skills Training, among others. Psychological therapy approaches are more targeted at older children and teenagers (10 and up). Some talk-based work may also be integrated into Play Therapy approaches with younger children where appropriate.

We still believe that safety and connection are at the core of therapy at any age, and thus work hard to create trust within the therapeutic relationship. Psychological therapies might be guided by the use of books, resources, activities, drawing or other modes of creative expression, with the inclusion of strategies and coping tools.

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We still incorporate play and fun in our sessions, and have observed the effectiveness of play to bring down defenses and create more open and honest communication. Psychological therapies might be useful for older children and teens experiencing anxiety, struggling with emotional regulation, grief/loss, difficulties with friendships/social skills, or family separation, among others.

Therapy is always child-centred and the speed of therapy is guided by the child. We have sensory and fidget toys on hand, art/craft materials and other resources to allow children and young people to feel as comfortable as possible and to express however they choose to.